Here are a few of the priorities that I will work with residents in District 3 to achieve. Please reach out to me to discuss these issues or other concerns you may have.


A walkable Brookhaven will provide us an affordable, healthy, and enjoyable community to live, work and play. The City has an ambitious plan for sidewalks across the City over the next few years. I’m committed to advocating for crosswalks at key intersections, informing residents of project timelines and scope, and working with residents on low traffic streets, like cul-de-sacs, that would like to petition the City not to have sidewalks. I know several neighbors are concerned about the installation of sidewalks on streets that have limited space, or small front yards. I am here to listen to you and work with you in petitioning the City for exceptions to the sidewalk plan.


Preserving our trees and parks are critical for our city’s growth. I will continue to support sustainable development that prioritizes our greenspace and ensures city spending on greenspace and parks is directed responsibly. We need a strong advocate to grow our greenspace, tree canopy and parks inventory in our neighborhoods- not just in other parts of Brookhaven. I’m also fully committed to realizing our vision of Brookhaven Park, the signature park in our district.


Some of the most clogged intersections in our City are located within our district causing extreme delays and cut-through traffic on our residential streets. I will work with neighbors who wish to petition the City to initiate traffic calming measures such as speed bumps and turn restrictions on their streets, and will ensure that the process is followed in a timely and effective manner.

Furthermore, the City has many plans for road and intersection improvements but we need to prioritize smart funding and implementation of these plans. As your Councilmember, I will tirelessly work to help obtain funding from state and federal agencies for road and infrastructure improvements. I will ensure the road and intersection improvements in our district are prioritized as recommended in the 2019 North Druid Hills Road Traffic study and for the remaining projects identified in the 2014 Brookhaven Heights Traffic study.


The redevelopment of the Brookhaven-Oglethorpe MARTA Station will likely be the biggest issue over the next four years for our district. The intersections of Peachtree Road and North Druid Hills, and Peachtree Road and Dresden Drive, border this development and are two of the worst traffic intersections in the city. Residents of District 3 deserve to be engaged every step of the way because our District will be the most impacted. Any project proposed must meet the residents’ criteria for traffic mitigation, density, greenspace, and sewer infrastructure improvements.


The residents of Brookhaven deserve responsible spending of City funds and communication and transparency regarding where and when money is spent. I am committed to ensuring our neighbors are well informed regarding the City’s financial decisions.


Repeatedly, neighbors across our district have expressed their need for a representative who will return their phone calls and emails, who will work collaboratively with other council members and who will act in the best interest of our district. As your Councilmember, I will always keep my door open, hold a monthly open house, and will make certain that our city is investing in projects that will directly benefit our neighborhoods and overall quality of life.

Madeleine with her husband, Tyson, and son Parker.